An Underused Move #2 – Visual Retention Change

Part two of this series focuses on an excellent change by Ed Marlo, which can be found in the pages of The Hierophant (page 239). The move is used to switch a card(s) on the top of the deck (or a packet)  in the action of casually tossing the card(s) onto the table. The viusal retention aspect comes from the fact that both you and the spectators get the impression of seeing the back of the same card all the time – in a similar way to a retention coin vanish, only applied to cards.

The move can also be used as a visual change of a face up card and Marlo describes some effects using the change – one I particuarly like is “A Logical Approach”. J.K. Hartman also puts the change to good use in “After Craft”,  a book which is a worthwhile investment.

Ive been thinking about the move recently and came up with this idea, which applies it to an Out of this World type effect.

To gain access to the trick section you must enter a password. The password is the title of the trick on page 130 of The Complete Walton Volume 1.

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